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Two Implant Overdenture

Locator Attachments

two implant overdenture 1two implant overdenture 2two implant overdenture 3two implant overdenture 4
1.  Place two implants in the anterior mandible, #23 and #26 positions, under the incisors. Farther back and they become fulcrums and the denture rocks around them.
2.  Locators can be processed in or picked up intraorally. It is recommended to pick up intraorally to compensate for tissue depression.
3.  To connect the housings, place the white block out rings, hollow out the denture, then use self-cure resin or composite to lute the housings.
4.  Replace the black processing insert with blue (light), orange (medium) or clear (heavy)
retentive inserts.

Ball Abutments

two implant overdenture 5two implant overdenture 6two implant overdenture 7
1.  Have more vertical play than locators. Can be used if implants farther apart than #23 and #26. Requires more vertical clearance than locators.
2.  Process denture then place rubber dam to block out when curing in O-rings.
3.  After O-rings processed, remove the O-rings and clean out the inside of the denture where the ball abutment made an impression. Relieve at least a millimeter so the denture doesn’t ride on the ball. If the housing is solid and not just a ring of metal, then vertical movement is already built in.

Bar and Clip

two implant overdenture 10two implant overdenture 11two implant overdenture 12
1.  Useful if the implants are farther apart than the #23 and #26. Useful if an overdenture rocks around the locators.
2.  Best retention and stability of any two implant attachment system.
3.  Make an impression of either the implants or intermediate abutments.
4.  After a wax try in completed, the bar is fabricated to fit under the proposed tooth positions.
5.  If there is adequate vertical space then no reinforcing frame is needed. If there is limited interarch space a cast framework is recommended.
6.  It is not recommended to refit a finished denture to bar retention.
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